The history of HTC holding a.s. started in 1992. At that time, its main activity was implementing solutions in the field of information technology. This started to gradually change as it focused more on the investment space, especially in the engineering industry.

The first successful operations and transactions stood behind its expansion, which resulted in a capital investment in the bearings industry in 1997, which today forms the core of the second most successful sector – the BEARINGS sector.

The year 2002 is also inscribed in large letters in the history of the company when the influence of HTC holding a.s. expanded to include the AGRO sector. Thanks to effective management, the implementation of the most modern management practices and results-oriented restructuring HTC holding a.s. managed to transform this sector into the most prosperous one in its portfolio, which can deliver true innovations and successfully competes with market leaders.

2020 Sale of key companies in the Bearings segment
1992 the establishment of the company HTC holding a.s. and its first investments in IT
1995 – 2001 the purchase and sale of ownership interests in different business areas and their profiling into its current form, in the field of engineering and electrical engineering industries (KINEX, Elektrokarbon)
2002 investment in the company ZETOR, which marked a significant expansion of the investment portfolio
2004 expanding the portfolio by investment in the foreign trade network ZETOR POLSKA, ZETOR North America
2007 – 2013 supporting the expansion of the business network of companies in the portfolio – the acquisition of the companies ZETOR UK, KINEX CHINA, ZETOR INDIA, the first investments in the Engineering and Real Estate sectors
2015 the acquisition of shares in the company KINEX Measuring
2016 the merge of two manufacturing plants and a trading company into one company KINEX BEARINGS a.s.
2017 investment in the company IPM ENGINEERING