„The future of the investment company HTC Investments a.s. is in harmony with the examination of the development trends in our sectors and other relevant development trends and elements of the complete value chain, such as logistics, employees, suppliers and customers. We have to view it comprehensively, in conjunction with future changes throughout the whole society, changes in new technologies, innovation in financial services and the latest development trends in the social system. For us, the 25th anniversary means a period of major changes, expansion, as well as review of strategic decisions and gaining experience. We are ready for new challenges and the future for the next 25 years and more.“

The Management of HTC Investments a.s.

HTC Investments



HTC Investments, a.s. has been on the market for 25 years now. When looking back, it can be seen that these years were spent usefully and effectively. The company achieved many successes, while many other companies have been forced to quit or become part of other financial groups. The company has spent that time period gaining unique knowledge and learning to behave in the environment of international business as a mature player.

It’s a good time for rebranding, which is not an end in itself or a means to attract attention, but rather an ingenious step to strengthen the brand identity and send a signal to trading partners that the investment group is ready to face new challenges.

The pillars of these changes are a re-defined name focused on the background of a story strongly supported by real values, our new logo reflecting the shift to an investment firm, as well as the claim „moving forward together“, whose international significance indicates the direction of the investment intentions of HTC Investments a.s..


We realise that the development of the company is only possible in strict compliance with environmental ethics. Therefore, we constantly monitor the impact of our activities on the environment through our energy policy and waste and emission management.

Supervising the production processes and implementing the latest technologies to reduce CO2 emissions in our facilities form an important part of this process, while we emphasise that the input materials represent the least possible environmental load while maintaining quality.

The prevention of and respect for nature throughout the whole manufacturing process forms an integral part of our environmental policy in all of the companies of our investment portfolio. We believe that only through this approach can we achieve real accomplishments that not only do not leave ecological footprint, but will contribute to the improvement of our environment.


The most valuable investment of HTC Investments a.s. are its employees. Only thanks to them was the company able to achieve success, opt for the right investments, find effective solutions, transform opportunities to profitable business transactions and, last but not least, start its successful expansion worldwide.

Each of them, whether an executive or a top manager, has contributed to the fact that our investment plans have brought financial success to the company, which was a springboard for raising awareness for our brand in international markets.

For these reasons, we take the personnel policy very seriously. Our corporate culture is based on openness, honesty and professionalism. We focus on all aspects of employment that deliver results, such as strengthening the motivation, commitment and development of the employees of subsidiaries, supporting projects in the field of streamlining internal processes and communications, career development and the promotion of our own staff, improving employee benefits and advancing cooperation with vocational schools, technical universities, and more.