The joint stock company HTC INVESTMENTS a.s. adopts the Code of Conduct, since it has recognised the importance of ethical behaviour in both economic and human relationships and in order to ensure the prevention of unfair or illegal conduct and to avoid possible criminal liability. It contains the following principles:

Zero tolerance of unethical and unlawful behaviour:
The company HTC INVESTMENTS a.s. acknowledges high moral values ​​and principles and emphasises the compliance with the legal regulations and standards, therefore does not tolerate any unlawful, unethical or unfair conduct. Every representative or employee of the company is obliged to work properly in accordance with own abilities, knowledge and skills and to avoid any conduct that could jeopardise the legitimate interests of HTC INVESTMENTS a.s., its property or good reputation.

Protection of good image and reputation of the company
The company HTC INVESTMENTS a.s. is interested in creating and keeping good reputation and image, that would become a notion and synonym of the quality for wide public.
Statutory representatives and employees ensure that their conduct helps to create a good image and reputation and avoid any action that might threaten or damage the reputation of the company and keep confidentiality about the facts they have learned in the course of their employment and cannot be shared with third parties.

Commitment to the Code of Conduct
The Code of Conduct of the company HTC INVESTMENTS a.s. is a mandatory document for the statutory representatives, representatives of other corporate bodies and all employees, however, the commitment to the code is also required from the business partners of the company.
Following the Code of Conduct, the HTC INVESTMENTS a.s. adopts a directive to the Code of Conduct that aims to establish more detailed principles and rules for the compliance and implementation in the company. Statutory representatives and employees carry out all their decisions during the performance of their duties in favour and in accordance with the best interests of HTC INVESTMENTS a.s.
Statutory representatives and employees may not take into account personal interests or benefits beyond the legal claims to the detriment of the interests and benefits of the company.
Statutory representatives and employees do not accept or offer a gift or entertainment that could generate a commitment to the originator of the gift or entertainment or the mere appearance of such a commitment, taking into account common sense, local customs or practices.

To ensure compliance with the rules of this Code, and thus to ensure compliance with legal, internal and ethical standards, we give our customers, partners and employees the opportunity to alert any cases of unethical or fraudulent behaviour.